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How we started

The law firm Liebert & Röth was founded in 2006 in Berlin by two dedicated lawyers from Bayern with common interests and core values: trust, truth & care for people.

Ever since the beginning of their collaboration in 2003 Martin Liebert and Thomas Röth tried to form a team and seek always the best interest of their clients.


They soon realised how important the lawyer’s role is in people’s lives and how much responsibility that puts on their shoulders. They took this position very seriously and made a promise to find time to listen to their client’s story and be their trustworthy confident.

With a friendly approach, Liebert & Röth promise also to deliver high quality work, show tolerance of opposite views, concern for those less fortunate and be confident in finding the right way.

If doctors take the Hippocrates’s vow not to hurt anyone in their practice, so do lawyers Liebert & Röth take the vow of confidence and reliability in pursuing their legal activity. 


With integrity and commitment they set the mission of their middle-size law company in finding the best solutions for their clients and always be on their side.

No matter which field of activity we work in, we always interact with people, therefore Liebert & Röth’s focus is on people and their needs.

New perspective

Based on these values, Liebert & Röth law firm comes forward with a new perspective which puts first the benefits of clients and offers a true, long lasting partnership.


Feel free to contact us anytime and share your story with us!

We look forward to partnering with you too.

Martin Liebert & Thomas Röth

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